What's Next on your docket?

What’s on your New Year’s brew list?
anything new and untried?
After a painful hiatus, I will be All-Grain brewing a Super Altbier (own recipe), and an Old (Strong) Ale, modified from NB’s discontinued recipe.

I hope I can hold out, I’m nearly out of my last batch of Biere de Garde.
The Biere de Garde turned out to not really appeal to me. It was done well and came out nicely, as a representative beer, and my friends have all enjoyed it, but it’s just not to my taste. IMHO, it either needs more malt flavor, or more hops.

Good luck and good brewing! May you never have to dump a batch again!

Got 4 in the fermenters - IPA, Amber, Brit Mild, Brit Bitter. Just got yeast going for a Belgian Golden. Got a german Ale yeast going also - altbier I think. Also planning a soured cherry stout in the next week.

In my fermenters I have an IPA, a barleywine and a small second running from the BW to build up some lager yeast. Next up will probably be an alt then a dopplebock.

An Amarillo APA, a mild, and a cream stout.

I’d like to brew Denny’s RyPA again, then maybe bugeaters O.R.C.A. and some lagers with some Kiwi hop varieties.

Man i hope to never dump a batch again. I’m not the only one to, but not gonna hide the fact that in my first beer that i had to dump a couple. I had overlooked cleaning pieces of equipment (keg diptube) that led to eventual dumpings. Next year I hope to dump none. My new year docket is to build the three tap keezer and finish my upstairs bathroom.

Don’t you think that is taking the hobby a little far?


Absolutely not! A ten tap keezer would be too far! The bathroom has only taken this long to finish because i have also been doing my masters this year. Only five classes left to go next year.

Grand Teton Bitch Creek (Extra Special Brown) is up for New Years day. Great winter beer. :cheers:

As soon as my bock is ready to transfer then its a doppelbock, just trying to decide if I want to do another triple decoction like the last one. It was soo good that I just might.

Build a Mash Tun and brew more IPA. Learning all grain. Brewing small batches (3.5 gals) with same grain bill (7 lbs 2 row; 1 lb Munich; 8 oz crystal 40) over and over again,varying yeast, hops and fermentation temp. in a controlled way to see what does what and until I start getting beers that I really like. Currently carbing - low mash temp with S-04 and fermenting higher mash temp with S-04.

Last couple of Dead Ringer extract kits have been a bit off-tasting to me; same sort of taste. Fermented with US-05 down in the low sixties (60-62). Maybe I am tasting the peach flavor that Denny talks about when comparing 1056 to US-05. First Dead Ringer I did was with 2 packs of 1056, fermented in the mid 60s (65-67). Best beer I have ever made.

A RyePA based off of SN Ruthless Rye ingredients and I’m using Mosaic hops. I was going to brew today, but the new grain mill I got for xmas was missing a part and just did not seem to work correctly. Getting a new mill this week I hope.

On my to-brew list is a Belgian saison/farmhouse ale with a resurrected WY 3726 Farmhouse Ale slurry, a Barleywine (trying to decide b/w English or US), and an Amarillo/Citra IPA.

In kegs: Ruination IPA clone (dry-hopping w/ an oz of Centennial whole hops), Great Lake Burning River Ale clone, and a RIS to be served on beergas.

Lagering: Apfelwein and German Altbier.


Getting ready for summer.

My Wits for the summer are next on deck. I find they taste best when you slightly underpitch them and keep them cold, not cool. Primary takes the better part of eight weeks, but I think you get a better result by letting the yeast be lazy, like it wants to be. Ten gallons of capacity down the shoot to Wit.

I’ll run the usual dark and light table beers and call it a month–undecided on both.

[quote=“Bklmt2000”] trying to decide b/w English or US


Racked a pils to the secondary the other day. Going to try NB’s AK47 next. Got a sweet Perlick flow control faucet for Christmas to install too.

I am at a cross roads. I have 7 to 8 beers on tap ranging from a British Mild to Surly Furious Clone to Santa’s Helper to BVIP. I have a Kolsch, an Alt and a Wee Heavy fermenting. My next brew will be another stab at my “Real Ale” recipe to lighten up the color. After that I cannot decide what to do next. Maybe a Black IPA (I know the contradiction).

Brewing a massive old ale for Christmas 2013. 22 lbs. of grain with 2lbs. sugar at flame out. Projected 12-13 ABV. I’ve already started building up my yeast for brew day on 12/29/12. After that I’m looking at a nice Honey Weiss, or a Honey Brown for the boss.

Right now I will be bottling Mayan Apocalypse (Foreign Extra Stout), and racking Yellow Snow (maize beer, brewed with melted snow). Next to ferment will be Dark Energy Tele-Porter (robust porter), and then a yet unnamed Belgian using a half pound of Special B.

Next up for me is another Imperial Coffee Stout.