Thermapen Open Box Sale

Thanks very much for that.

I finally broke my twenty year old mercury thermometer last weekend and I’ve been dithering about a replacement all week. Very nice of you to share this! :cheers:

Love my Thermapen. No more guessing about which of my other 8 thermos is correct. Thermapen occasionally has a sale for no apparent reason. Once it was $20 off the brown one. Apparently no one likes the brown one. :expressionless:

That’s how I got my gray one. Strange, but whatever. Love my thermapen. I use an old school thermometer to get a ballpark idea of where the temp is, but once within 10 degrees or so, the thermapen goes to work.

Thanks very much for the heads up. Been eyeing this for quite some time, trigger pulled. :stuck_out_tongue:


Any one have the backlit one ?

Well I just ordered a second one for the wife. Love my thermapen.

They just came out with a new line called ThermoPop. Accuracy within 5 seconds (pen is 3 sec)

It’s only $25 and backlit.

I’ve been using the timer version - but it’s not as quick. It’s nice to use a candy clip on the side of your kettle and just keep it in your wort/strike water.

Love this company.

Thanks, Worts Worth. Shattered my lab thermometer on last brew day… perfect timing. :cheers:

No problem, happy to help. :cheers:

I bought a brown one when they had that sale and it seems to work fine! I love it! :smiley:

I bought a brown one when they had that sale and it seems to work fine! I love it! :smiley: [/quote]
It’s hilarious, right? You have this precision instrument but they’re blowing out the brown or pinks ones because no one is buying them. I’ll take one! :lol:

OK I might as well start this before someone else does.
Mine is red. And the one the short blonde’s on America’s Test Kitchen is red too.
Best get a blue cooler and a red thermapen.

Mine is black. No reason, necessarily but I was on the site and just picked black. Also funny that the fine people at Thermapen would create their awesome thermometer in so many colors.

I’m tickled pink

Wow, the ThermoPop looks like a great deal. i already have a ThermaPen (yellow since were sharing colors), but I’m tempted to pick up a ThermoPop as a dedicated “brewing” thermometer. I wont cry quite as much if I drop it in the mash.

My thermapen matches my cooler: blue. Although I guess I need a silver one, too, to match my new 70 qt Xtreme.

Mines orange the one I ordered for my wife is green.

This Thermapen sale, are these reconditioned or new?

From the sale page

I got mine in an open box sale and it’s worked like a champ