Thermapen Open Box Sale

I snagged a black one.

I guess there’s no going back now.

Get an accurate temp reading in 2-3 seconds is worth it to me.
Mash temp, cooling temp, yeast temp. Etc.
Plus I use it for checking temps while cooking.

A bit pricey? Maybe. At least I calibrated other brewers thermometers with it.
The difference in temps is surprising, as long as I can trust the Thermopen.?
I think I can. I have so far, with very good results.
I would miss it if I didn’t have one to use.

Necroing a very old thread. Sadly, my original thermapen has died which I found out this evening while trying to check temp on grilled chicken. Ten years is a great life for a nearly daily use cooking tool. Just pulled the trigger on a Thermapen one, now just have to see if it makes it to my house before brewday this weekend. Been so used to having it for all things cooking, not just for brewing that I feel lost without it. :sunglasses: