Project "Camel" - Style

This is the first step in our continuing project to build a recipe by committee.

Ok, I think we should start this by picking an beer style. All styles are open for this, but maybe and ale or hybrid would be best.

I would like to see an English IPA or English Pale. Burtonised water, woodsy hops, etc.

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Dare I suggest… gose? The world needs a high-quality gose kit much more than another pale ale.


Or, perhaps something built around kveik yeast? Seems to be a lot of interest in this strain right now, it’s fairly unique and tolerant of fermentation temps, and Yeast Bay is already being sold through the “off the topper” kit. Nice citrusy pale or brown ale, maybe English ale like suggested above. Orange/citrus esters would be killer in an ESB.

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A gose or berliner would be my top votes. I’ve never made either, so i wouldn’t be much help in building the recipe but i would by the kit.

I’m actually really surprised that someone hasn’t released a kettle sour gose or Berliner kit yet. With the right lacto culture, it would work just fine for an overnight sour, next day boil.

I was thinking the SAME thing. Too many PA/IPA out there. A hybrid is just that, a hybrid and so limited.

Sours are all the rage, and could be made AG or extract with kettle souring. Plus there is absolutely none on the market that I’m aware of. PLUS, you could sterilize it with a boil eliminating cross contamination.

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Heck yeah! The only catch is that it takes a specific lacto culture to work overnight, and at the moment NB doesn’t carry that culture. It’s something @NBCustomerService would have to review. However, Nick @ yeast bay is about to release a new lacto, and I’m guessing it’s going to kick butt. If it fits with NB’s business plan, they could totally be the first retailer with a kit like this.

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I guess I really am looking for a kit that already exists (Bitter Brewer is my jam). I personally can’t stand sours or Brett, so am biased against them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love bitters! The world needs more bitters.

Totally off base as its not an ale, but I was digging that Bock thread and thought about that too.

I completely understand people not being into sours, so going another way is totally ok with me. I do think that NB has a business opportunity in offering one, and I think we could totally hit it out of the park with one.

If any of you folks want, like @gdtechvw, I’d be glad to help you guys put together an ala carte kit from stuff at NB! Let me know.

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OK, just to stretch the neck out of the shell a bit, I would follow Pork Chops lead, but what if we did this as a 1 gallon batch… Need to see where this goes with lacto… I know I’ve screwed up a couple of batches in my time and ended up with pickled beer… DIDN’T LIKE THAT ! Then I would like to git a summer ale that could be offered as a later too… Cream ale styled Pilsnr? Sneezles61

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Oh geez, I meant lager… Seems as though a brett is pickled flavor, and lacto is… well I can’t respond, never had that, except in yogurt? PORK CHOP! Sneezles61

Brett isn’t really pickley, but has a huge range in flavors from earthy funk to really tropical/over-ripe fruit.

Think of a lacto sour as like an unsweetened lemonade. Shouldn’t be sour milk flavors. If it tastes like that, you’ve done something wrong. But really light, sparkling, super refreshing on a hot day. Not so sour that it removes the enamel from your teeth, just tart and refreshing.

Hah… I kind of got a look from my wife last year at Surly. She wanted to order the Brett Mikkels, at which point I said “are you sure? That’s a pretty advanced beer. Like I can’t drink it advanced.” She ordered it, finished the whole thing to spite me, and had the worst headache of her life for the rest of the weekend. I tried a sip and made a face.

I’ve been pretty disappointed with just about every commercial brett beer I’ve tried. Not that I’ve tried very many, but they’re overwhelmingly… Disappointing. Some places should stick with what they know.

One of the exceptions being crooked stave… Hop savant series is phenomenal!

I hope when this project comes to fruition I hope an extract version will be available. Some brewers, like me, do not have the facilities for all grain brewing. We might feel slighted.

If the project produces a sour don’t lose any sleep about an extract version not being available.


I hope thats how it all comes together, either for extract, all grain, ale or lager. And I think trying a lacto, again, to git others to at least try… Sneezles61

Realizing it’s a bit too late in the year for it, but how about a Maibock? It’s a style that NB does not currently offer and may have more universal appeal than a sour for marketability. No offense to the sour fans, I love sampling them everywhere I go, but I doubt I would ever brew 5 gallons of one at a time unless I got into a nice blending project like the Flanders Pietro was kind enough to share on a bottle swap which was friggin amazing. :innocent:

My vote for an ale would be an Old Ale or a Scotch Ale as several posts in this thread seem to be preferring to keep away from another IPA or PA.

As a side note, for Pittsburgh Craft beer week this year, they brewed up several collaboration brews for the week and one of them done by 4 Pittsburgh breweries is a White Stout, which I’m fascinated enough by that I’m going to track it down at some point this week to try it.


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