Project "Camel" - Style

Love me some old ale! I’m making one in a couple weeks, 28# pale malt for a 5.5 gallon batch. 60IBU northdown/challenger/goldings. Friggin’ yum! Hope to have something warming for when the snow flies.

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Ooh… something to add some oak to. I’ve still got a spiral sitting around here somewhere.

Heck yeah! I’m probably tossing mine in a barrel. The NB recipe kits are just so low gravity… I’m shooting for OG 1.125.

Edit - and yes, I’m going to secondary it on brett claussenii. I have a reputation to maintain!

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Anyone else? Old ale?

Scotch ale is great, too, but I’ve never had one with the complexity of an old ale. Plus I’ve found kettle caramelization of first runnings to be key with the style. Not sure how this would work with extract.

I’d love to hear your guys’ take on an old ale though!

I love the idea. This year, I sprung for the North Coast 2013 cellar reserve. Best thing I’ve ever had. Looking forward to the 2014 old stock I’ve been cellaring.

I had a 4 pack of the regular 2013 release. Held it until last summer. Then my wife drank it all… The sip I had was awesome!

I like the idea of a sour, but i’m not sure it would be very commercially viable for us.
The old ale idea intrigues me quite a bit too.
Unless there are any objections, I think we should go with the old ale.

I’m game on an old ale. Not sure if you’re correct on the sour. It’s the latest rage but I’m not on the commercial sale side of NB so I could be mistaken.

I’m not going to be a huge help on an old ale, but will happily follow and brew a batch of whatever is designed.

Well the old-school definition is just an ale that was stored for a long time, to develop the “stale” flavor that people desired at the time. I think it turned into a high-gravity brew due to the fact that they tend to store much better than lower-gravity beers. English ale brewed with the intention of storing it for an extended period of time is kind of where my head is on the style.

Oh, I’m with you… I’m just saying I’ve never brewed one, so won’t be much help on recipe input.

Ok, so Old Ale it is.

I will start up the grain bill topic for this.