Horse by committee idea

Hi all!

The head of our recipe development team and I have been kicking around an idea…

A brew kit designed by the forum community. This kit would be developed entirely by the community, from grain bill all the way down to naming. Of course, we would have to have final say on the recipe as we need to make sure it’s something that we can sell, but we are open to all ideas. note, it is possible that this could all be for not. Business may trump creativity here. I just want to make sure you all know that. But if we get something great, I will push very hard to see it sold.

This post is to gauge interest in the idea. If you all seem interested, we will break down each step to different posts. One for style, one for grain bill, hops, ect.

We would build this here as an all-grain kit, then create and extract version as well.
Just keep in mind, a camel is a horse designed by committee…



I love the idea… curious to see the compromises that would happen.

Some of the specific-style threads here have been pretty great, and I think have yielded some really nice results. They’re some of the best ones I’ve been following. Even if NB had a specific style in mind, the folks here usually have some great feedback on the style. I’ve certainly used lots of this feedback to adapt some of the beers I make.

I think as a community we could put together some really solid ideas. Might be good if a few of us brewed the same recipe, and did some trades for the sake of comparing notes. Even if it never made it into a kit for sale, they’re still great discussions.

Jumping way ahead of things, I already think the name should be Camel milk, or something involving humps.

Camel spit.

North African Harissa ale, with dates? I’m feeling it…

That actually sounds pretty good! Smoked porter base, perhaps?

I really dig this idea. I’m gonna need to look at my recipes.

Would it be possible to have a couple of threads - one thread focused on a ‘hoppy’ style, one on a ‘malty’ style, one on a dark style?

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I would like to see whats going on in here. I would like to see it as whats going on now. summer stuff. Maybe setting things up fer October fest. Then into the fall selections and so on and so on. It could be an on going thread of brewing! So start with summer ales, lagers… Sneezles61

I think it’s a great idea and would be cool to do a nb forum collaboration.

I agree, I don’t care that much if it becomes a kit, but a collab brew with you guys would be awesome!

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OK, it seems like we have enough interest to start this thing. Tomorrow I will start a new topic to decide the beer style. The project name will be “Camel”. Start thinking of good style ideas…

This is gonna be interesting…