How do you dispose of spent grains?

Sometimes 1 sometimes 15 sometimes deer.

nice! unfortunately i have dogs so the wild animals generally stay away.

i compost my spent grains. occasionally make a loaf of bread with some of them

I’ll sometimes make bread. (makes a pretty dense loaf) Sometimes make dog biscuits. Usually just compost.

I toss them on the garden (which is really bad composting, but that’s another topic). I’ve been thinking about trying to make some bread with them…

I toss mine in the woods with the thought that animals might eat them.

Usually compost. Sometimes chum.

I flush mine down the commode the rest will get there anyway :shock:

Dump them in a pile for a day or two on the patio and then shovel them back into the grain bag and put them in the trash bin. Winter is not bad but in the summer, they stink really bad if I let them sit more than a few days.

Gotta agree. One day and man it’s pretty brutal. I dumped a few batches into my sewar drain. With little rain the past months, I’m thinking I’m the one who has created the increase in flies :cry:

In the fall or winter I like to mix them straight into my garden. Otherwise in the compost.

When I lived in my old place in downtown Ottawa I would just dump them in a pile in the back yard. Did bring out a stink for a few days, but no one knew where it was coming from.

One time during the mash a ground hog found it’s way right to my tun. After shooing it away from my back door several times, it eventually came back after I had dumped everything. It guzzled that stuff down for a good 45 minutes. I actually thought it’s stomach was going to explode or something. I wish I knew where the pictures are that I took.

In the summer I spread them out on a tarp in the driveway and sun-dry them. Rake 'em a few times and they are usually dry in a day (if it doesn’t rain!) My neighbor feeds them to his chickens. Says he gets double yolkers.

Your pictures would be very interesting to see.

I’m at the end of a dead end street, I dump the spent grain at the end and the birds are pretty happy for a while.

After seeing your picture with the turkey, I’ll give them to my gf. She’s got a regular flock of turkeys at her place.

I plant mine, hoping to grow more beer.

I use mine for both compost and to toss out for the animals.

How about this? Spent grain dog treats:

Note: if you add hops to the mash, do NOT feed the spent grain to a dog. Hops are toxic for them, even after the mash,

I haul my spent grains to the neighborhood grass dump site when the dumpsters are out. During the winter I dump it out in the trees. I used to get excited when the flocks of turkeys or the herds of deer would visit the yard, but the dung they leave behind sucks.

I call geese and turkey’s “Cow’s with feathers” for that same reason. I have 3 acres of the family homestead, Half of which I planted 450 trees 30 years ago. We like the amount of wildlife that travels through.

Feed them to neighbors’ hogs and cows.

Sometimes I use them to make pizza dough or bread.
And just a heads up if your kettle is getting kinda discolored inside, place your spent grains in it and let it sit for a fews days. The grains start to ferment and the process lifts off the stains on your s/s. My $.02 :cheers: