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Grain mill setting

Have a issue with finding the right setting for my grain mill either setting to small or to big. So question how big should i set the space. For grinding. Please in mm. My feeler gauge are in mm

Where are you set right now?

0.8-0.9mm should be a good starting point.

I should also ask what is your determining factor for too fine or too coarse? Stuck sparges and poor efficiency?

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Think it mills to fine. Did end with a stuck sparge. Had it perfect. Now got issues to adjust. Did buy feeler gauge. To set the perfect settings my grain mill does not have a settings dial. Did find settings on google. Choclate malt. 0.050. Most grains. 0.030. Rye wheat 0 020

Those settings are typical assuming those are inches. (roughly 1.25mm, 0.8, 0.5mm respectively)

.5mm on rye and wheat might be a challenge if you’re using a hand drill to run the mill.

Will try thursday to mill some with these settings i do use a drill

In reading this thread, something dawned on me. Are you guys crushing the different grains in your grain bill separately on different gap settings, or are you setting your mills to the malt with the narrowest setting? I’ve just been setting mine to about 0.025 for everything and crushing it twice.


I’m rocking it Ron Popeil style (set it and forget it).

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.025 here also although I don’t mill twice. I Biab when I batch sparge I do .030

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Thank you all for the help. Will try the settings tomorow. Will start at 0.030. See how this comes out so the settings you all recomend. Are. Inches. Or mm

I’m also set it and forget it. I tend to mill on the fine side, but I’ve never measured the gap. I go by look and feel.

I actually opened mine to .032 recently to try and have more consistent predicted OG. When I was crushing finer my BIAB process was turning out beers that were over ABV for style. I’m getting closer. May use a little less grain on the next brew day.

I just use less grain.

@wilcolandzaat what was the grist when you got the stuck sparge? It may not be your crush but rather your filtering capabilities with your husked grains. Rye and wheat do not have husks, which causes problems with runoff.
Your answer could be as simple as adding some rice hulls.

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That one always gets me.

Crush harder than you think you should, and then back off if you get a stuck runoff. Start with 0.7 mm, and if you don’t like that, move it up or down 0.1 from there.


Got order them rice huls not availble here on island did mill yesterday at 0.30. See if this works. Will look at a health store today see if they do have rice huls

You can do that but my efficiency was really high so I wanted to get it into the low 80s before adjusting the grain bill.


Never heard a good explanation for why a lower extraction efficiency is better

I plan on researching it a bit more on my own but I’ve heard from old school guys that reducing the grain bill at ultra high efficiency can affect the mouthfeel and tannin extraction(i think). I know @dmtaylo2 had a pretty strong opinion on this subject in the past.

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