Anyone on here using Zorks for their wines? I used them yesterday for a couple of batches that I needed to bottle. Simple to use and I got zero leaking.

I did use them a few years ago. They seemed to work quite well in the beginning but a year or two later when I opened a few of those bottles, I found they weren’t really tight enough. They just came right out with light finger pressure. The wine was still alright so maybe I’m just paranoid but I don’t use them anymore. Good luck. :wink:

Interesting. The reason for me trying them was that I tried a 2009 Cayuga from my buddies winery that had been bottled using zorks and it was fantastic. I’m the one who opened the bottle and the fit was very tight.

The wines that I bottled using them will be consumed fairly young anyways so I doubt that I have any issues. What method did you use to insert them? I’ve read some reviews of leakage, but seems that most used the same method.

I just pushed them in. I have to admit that most of the bottles were fine. Only an occasionally loose zork. I think I’ll stick with my old corker though.

Thanks for the input.
Not going to be making a change, just looking for some feedback and thought I’d try something newer a time or two. But, I will be sticking to my normal method of corking as well.