Yuengling lager style

A friend is out in Connecticut… he’s had a few of this brew and likes it. I’ve looked at a few clones, some are very busy grainbill wise… I wouldn’t think there was so many varieties available back then…
So, would I lean more towards Vienna style with the American corn adjunct twist? Or is it just it’s own unique American amber?

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It’s an International Amber Lager with a maize twist. I would go with some 2 row, maybe a mix of Crystal malts for a little depth, and flaked maize. For hops I would go traditional American lager and use cluster. For yeast I would go with just your average light American lager yeast. Although, IIRC, some claim they use a neutral ale yeast at cooler temps. So that an option as well.

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I’ve had that stuff it used to be more popular when you had to drive out of state to get it. They make a pale and a dark. Use alot of flaked maize it has a weird sweetness to my pallet. I figured it was the corn

I have lager yeast… I can put in the garage with a temp controlled heating gizmo…
Corn twist… I don’t have any 2 row… Pils and Vienna malt… mix the two as a base, perhaps a bit heavier on the Vienna…

dont think there is much vienna in the commercial stuff so go heavier on the pilsner 60/30 use some cc60L some flaked maize cluster hops or maybe cascade your only shooting for about 11IBU so hops wont matter much. your going for dry and fizzy so maybe corn sugar.

I agree with this. Couldn’t get it in OH for the longest time. People went crazy over it. ‘oh your going to PA?! Can you get me some Yuengling?!?!’ Then they expanded into OH and the love affair was strong at first with many. Now, I don’t see as many people drinking it.
With that, some breweries have made their living only offering seasonals. Look at Leinies Lemon Shandy. People go crazy over it. I have a buddy in a distribution company who handles Miller (owns Lienies) and there has been discussion to make it available year round. Oddly here in Columbus it seems available from February to December (still on the shelves) so it’s basically year round anyway. But it would be interesting to see if sales increase or decrease. In fact, they shipped so much in the area they didn’t even offer their Oktoberfest.
To keep this on topic- I would shoot for about 20-25 IBUS.

I agree, if no 2 row then add a little Vienna for depth.

its weak as well only about 4.5% IBV if I recall so use a light hand it wont take much. Also like Loopie said maybe a clean ale yeast at lower range may be a nice touch

A little brew with alot of body?….
Don’t have cluster, but alot of cascades!

A grainbill of 8 lbs base gets about 1.044… so 5 Vienna and 3 Pils… crystal… I’ll look but think I have x-tra dark…C-180? Maybe just a couple ounces…
I’m thinking I could use a seedling heating mat wrapped around my fermenter with my controller hooked to it and wrapped with a blanket… did I say it’s zero this am?

No it’s a thinner beer. I would also use a low mash rest to help. I would switch the Vienna and Pils. 5lbs Pils and 3lbs Vienna. C180 going to be pretty dark, and in my experience English crystals are more ‘powerful’ than our crystals. If using that I would try layering it with a very light crystal malt, and use it sparingly. If all you have is cascade I wouldn’t hit it with a flavor or aroma addition as it will be out of place. Yikes! Already 0°. Gonna be tough even keeping temps up to 50°.

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I’ll only use boil hopping… maybe 2 oz?
Gonna remain cool for a few more days up here… perhaps a cool wave will find you!! (:

Do you got the recipy. Would love to brew do like yuengling beer. Used to drink when mother in law used to live in the pa glenmills area

Basically a pre Pro lager


I suspected they use corn syrup this article states they do but who knows. You can improve on the commercial version with good lager brewing techniques and quality ingredients.

Corn syrup… hhhmmm….

Did anyone actually read that corn syrup article? Man. That is one strange writeup. Part legal defense, part repetitive meandering freshmen lit composition

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Seems there is a bunch a waffling… does it? Does it not? Kinda like a dog chasing it’s tail…

Well basically it says they all use corn syrup but don’t want to admit it. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with it to brew that style beer. I think people who have no idea about brewing think its an additive but its just corn sugar

No problem whatsoever with corn. I like what it brings to AALs and cream ales. Never tried HFCS or corn syrup but might be an easy way to integrate corn….although it sounds like it leaves no trace of corn taste, unlike flaked or malted corn.