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Your best M.O. malt

I’ve been using Warminster M.O. now for a few years and just can’t remember what other brands to use. What’s your favorite M.O. and why, and has anyone done a side by side with Warminster and others. Just curious…B.C.

been using a lot of 2 row and pilsner lately but last time I bought a sack of mo I brewed some vary tasty beers. I think its a vary exceptional malt. it is easy to add flavor and character to then other bases. IMO. Never had a problem with mash efficiency either. side by side I would say mo is higher but if you want a light color beer 2 row is better. IMO.

I’ve only used Thomas Fawcett. Mostly for ESB and stout. I like it but actually prefer Golden Promise for the ESB when I can get it. I feel like Golden Promise is a bit malt forward, has more bready character and fuller mouth feel.

Thanks Danny, I’d forgot about G.P., I used it some years back and your description triggered my memory. It is good stuff.

I’ve been on a Special Bitter kick lately and Simpson’s Golden Promise is my preferred malt for this.

Fawcett and Warminster MO are both really good.

Baird had a good flavor too.

Thanks guys for the input, I like to reach out and try other stuff sometimes, unless certain things are just too outstanding not to stick with. Cheers!

Crisp M.O. is very good.

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