Yette's Sasquatch Amber Ale

So, I brewed my own creation this morning. The name is the subject line.
Here’s my recipe:
1 tsp gypsum in the strike water
1 tsp gypsum in the sparge water
7 lbs 2 row
1/2 lb Munich
1/2 lb Victory
1/2 lb Biscuit
1/2 lb Crystal 60L
1 oz Willamette 60 min
1 oz Willamette 10 min.
The Denny’s Favorite that I harvested 2 weeks ago from the Waldo Lake.

It’s in the bucket now, so we’ll see. It may be good, It may suck. Regardless,I love experimenting.

FWIW, victory and biscuit are pretty much the same thing, but yea, it looks good.