Would you brew with this?

I was going thru the fridge and found an old pk of S23 lager yeast dated 2009 and some dried up dme wheat malt. Must have been on hand for back-up. Anyways, I rehydrated the yeast and made a little starter out of the dme. (had to boil the foil package to get the malt dissolved). Well, the dang thing is at high kreusen a few hours later. I have 6# pilsener malt I was planning to do a BIB with and add 1# sugar and 1oz. Tett. to make a lite beer. Can I keep this alive till next weekend by adding a little wort every few days and use it to make the beer? Or should I dump it out and use the s34/70 I had on hand for the purpose? I am new to yeast starters and hate to waste it but don’t want to pitch a zombie yeast and ruin the lite experiment. Any thoughts?

I’m sure you know that the yeast will not “die” in the next week. So you can stick it in the fridge and use it next weekend.

I would be more concerned with the DME and how it was stored. It’s probably OK. Only you can judge that.