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Wooden tower?

I know wood and fire don’t mix but, has anybody use or seen personally a wooden tower? If I build one, I wood use a cement board raised above for air flow for removing heat away from the wood.

Thought I remembered one so did a quick search. There are probably more.

Wood and fire are made for each other. You can fire retard your wood and make it beautiful through the art of Yakisugi also known as Shou Sugi Ban

One calls Sugi cypress the other call it red cedar… You’ve got me so confused now… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’ve never seen it explained like this. And the architecture is fun to see!

I’ve been using a wooden brew stand for over 15 years without any problems. The wood doesn’t even get that warm. I’ll post a photo later if I can find one and remember how to post it on here.

If you get, can you get some pics where the burners are or were.

OK Irish here ya go. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, but sometimes it takes my old fart septuagenarian arse a while to get in gear. I took this pic a couple of days ago, so this how it looks after 15 years of use. As you can see it is an all gravity system. If you want more detailed pictures let me know.


thank you. Now that I know that it can work, a new project!:grinning:

Well, there was this wooden tower…


Are we getting stir-crazy? :woman_mage:

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Wood vs. stone… I’m not sure I could fathom which is stronger…
Oh right, then there’s malleable products… isn’t that just some certain rocks melted down ? Way too much fun tonight…

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Where do the burners go? I am going to need a bigger garage for storing the thing. I also see that there is a built on grain crusher too!!

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