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Wood 2 Tier Brew Stand

Still need to finish attaching the taller tier. Cut up a pallet to use as planks instead of plywood. Decided to go with 2x3’s over 2x4’s. Although they are cheaper it’s harder to find nice and straight ones. I think 2x4’s would have been overkill and would have added a bunch more weight.

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Looks good. I see the coolers there so I take it your not going to add burners? How are you going to get the strike water and sparge water up to temp? How are you going to get it into the HLT/MT?

Also I noticed your burner. How are you going to transfer to your fermenter?

I will heat the water with the burner then add it to the cooler and place the cooler on the stand. While this probably isn’t ideal it should work fine. The top tier is 5ft tall and the lower tier is 3ft tall (countertop height). After cooling I’ll just lift the boil kettle on the first tier and siphon into the fermenter. Like I said maybe not ideal but should work fine.

That’s a very nice and cheap setup you have there. Not to mention easy to upgrade as you desire. It would be easy to eventually add a pump to your frame so you could transfer the water using the pump if you ever get tired of lifting. That is important if you ever plan on doing larger batches. I find lifting a cooler with 10 gallons of water to not always be the best, especially since they don’t seal well and the hot water can splash out.

Thanks! I think it will work out and I can add on to it or change it pretty easily. Pumps would be a nice upgrade down the road. Right now I’m gathering up the equipment for a budget all grain setup. I just need to buy a larger kettle. Currently I’m going to try out 5 gallon coolers. I know they limit the grain bill to around 11 lbs depending on thickness of the mash. I intended on starting will smaller sized batches around 2.5 or 3 gallons. I’m going to pick up a 10 gallon kettle so I don’t have to go larger down the road. I have a smaller 4 gallon kettle that I’ve been using for partial extract boils for some time now. I just bought the outdoor burner to boil larger volumes.

Turns out it would work on its side as well with some pump upgrades.

This is about the only photo I could dig up from my old wooden brew stand. The bars across over the burner are just fence post type metal I liberated from work. They are insulated from the wood by the round insulators you would find on and electric fence.

The stand on its side looks much better. The last time I lifted 5 gallons of beer to shoulder height it cost over $32,000 to repair my shoulder. Luckily insurance took care of almost all of the costs.

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Plus you could add a little height for your HLT to work as a gravity fed system until you get a pump.

You’re not supposed to drink out of the carboy Flars.

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