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Wine rescue


I have nearly 5 gallons of wine which has been sitting in a glass carboy w/airlock since the Fall of 2015. Two full days of harvesting and bag squeezing got the initial juice into the primary. The product was racked twice; then neglected ever since. Grapes are Edelweiss. Notes are sketchy at best.

Is it worth the time/expense to bottle it up? If yes, what steps would you take to rescue such a potential cache? Looking for a list of detailed steps. Normally I would add wine conditioner (contains potassium sorbate) prior to bottling and call it good.

NOTE: There are some crystals ringing the outside of the surface. Some sediment on the bottom of the carboy too. Worried about both conditions contributing to off flavors.


How does it taste? If it tastes good bottle it.

Even taking a whiff can tell you if you should ditch it… Sneezles61

If it smells bad dump. If it smells good taste it. If it tastes bad dump it. If it smells good and tastes good bottle it.

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Right on Brew Cat! Sneezles61

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