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Wine from jelly

had a jar of jelly a friend made and gave me. Its blackberries and although its good it has to many seeds to enjoy. I disolved it in some boiling water and added a lb of frozen boysenberries from my garden. Going to ferment it to wine. Anybody do this?

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The best jam I ever had fermented slightly in the fridge so it was a little bit of alcohol and a really nice tangy fruit… that’s all I’ve got

Did it acidently forgot home made jelly to put into the fridge after month the ktichen kabinet did smell like cheap wine.

I have not done it but I would add pectinase to avoid cloudy wine. Especially, if they added pectin to make the jelly.

yes Ill add pectic enzyme and acid blend as well. Ill also add some sugar only reading 10 Bx now. ill add that after the maceration

This is interesting. Prob won’t make a lot, especially with transfer loss. But I’m interested in how it turns out.

ill try to make a gallon which gives me 6 bottles of wine. dont want to thin it out with to much sugar water so ill either blend in some red wine or more berries

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