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Wine from canned extracts

I been making wine for about 2 years now and I have always fermented my wine on the pulp or crushed and used the juice. I have made some pretty good wine in the past but in all my wine theres just something not there that i can put my finger on. Have any of u used extracts from cans, does it come out better than on the pulp. ?

Shawn, have never used the can extract. I have used the wine “kits” and they have always turned out well. You might be interested in giving it a try to see if there is a difference between it and yours.

I have a question, Is homemade wine suppose to be the same quality as some of these fine wine namebrands. I have tried just about everything and I still have not produced a wine that I am proud of. There all drinkable but i wish i could get someone else to taste my wine to tell me where the problem is. I dont have a local brew club to be a part of.

Have you tried entering any into competition? Are you adjusting acid levels? Are you picking your own fruit?

no i dont know much about entering comp. the only acid level i check is ph level. I was told i mibht need some tannins. what exactly do tannins do. Yes i normally hand pick my own fruit and i grow my fruit. Mainly blackberries and peaches also have a good crop of muscadines this year

Entering your wines into a competition might givethe feedback needed to solve the issues you are facing.
If you are picking your own fruit, make sure to only use high quality fruit that is picked at the peak of ripeness and never use bruised or second quality fruit.
An acid test kit it a great tool to have and keeping an eye on TA is recommended.
Tannins can help build character and mouthfeel in a wine. I highly recommend using it in your peach wine and I also like to use it in my blkberry wine as well. Many country wines will benefit from an addition of tannin.

Tannins give wine that stringent mouth feel after the wine is drank. You can purchase wine tannin as a additive or you can use 1 to 2 cups of very strong tea as tea also contains tannins. and again keep an eye on the acid levels. Too little and the wine will be lack luster and pale in flavor. Too much and it will have a sourish flavor that put a real pucker on your mouth. A Tritation Kit is the way to go if you really want to know where the acid level is other wise you are poking in the dark. Once you know where you are making the required adjustments will mean all the difference in your wine.

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