Wine bucket suppliers

I have recently read about suppliers that will send you frozen wine buckets full of juice such as winegrapesdirect.

are there several sellers which a lot of people use to buy frozen must for winemaking. could someone give me some names of well respected sellers. WinegrapesDirect is on the pricey side.

Winebuff. I should change my username to winedork! :shock:

I have never used these products, but know some people who have. They are usually on the pricey side, but can produce stellar results.

On the other hand, most that I have heard of are imported fresh pressed musts and are VERY vintage specific. So they vary a lot from year to year, even when using the same producer.

So there is a lot of hit an miss. You could get something great, or it could end up being something overpriced for average wine.

But again, I have not tried these products. This is just what I have heard.

I have used a lot of frozen must with some spectacular results. I get most of mine from M&M. I think it’s in Connecticut. They sometimes use Brehm must too. You’re right about it being pricey and, believe me, making wine from grapes has little resemblance to making it from a kit. Much more work and knowledge required. On the other hand, if you’re serious about your winemaking it’s the only way to go. Good Luck :cheers:

Good advice, I agree!
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