Will it stain my fermenter?

A friend has a wine kit that needs to be made, but he only has one carboy. would there be any problems caused by letting him use one of my beer fermenters?
i don’t want any off flavors or colors left from wine, that’s why i’m asking.


Glass or plastic?

plastic big mouth bubbler

It might stain the plastic, what kind of wine does your friend have in mind?

I think it’s a cab. I know for sure its a red

Other thing to consider: how long will his batch be sitting in your fermentor? Most wines take months. It might be best to ask him to buy a fermenting bucket (which is cheap), and his own carboy for bulk aging.

If you do let him use yours and it does stain, a soak in oxiclean will probably remove the stain.

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You really, really want to get a dedicated primary for wine. Even with good plastic (like the Big Mouth Bubbler) hop resins will very stubbornly attach themselves to the material through polymerization. You can scrub the heck out of glass with detergent and it will remove all of the aromatics, but you can’t go that hard on any kind of plastic or you’ll eventually scratch it and create a home for bacteria.

Besides, if you have an extra fermenter, that means you don’t have to choose between making beer and wine–you can make both, and everybody wins!


Besides why do you have an empty fermenter, unacceptable

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i’ll be real honest… i don’t want to let him use it :smile: i’m just looking for answers for when he asks so that i don’t sound like a d**k telling him no.
i had a feeling it wouldn’t be a good combo.

And the fermenter is empty b/c i’m waiting on my Stout supplies to arrive. waiting… just waiting…

Ask your friend if they like dry hopped wines… That’s about what you would get! And I totally would drink a dry hopped wine.

Switch to all grain, buy sacks of grain in bulk, and you’ll never have to wait again! You might need a bigger house.

It sounds like you have your answer. How can you let him use your fermenter when you have a beer on deck. Besides what kind of wine maker doesn’t have a fermenter.