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Wild fermentation

I have a 5 gallon batch of elderberry/grape wine that I started yesterday. Today, just 24 hours later, it is fermenting so vigorously that it blew all of the water out of the airlock. This seems like it’s not a bad thing but I am a little worried; I never saw anything ferment at this rate. The juice measured 1.091 before I added the yeast and there is nothing else in it but the fruit, water and yeast.
Should I celebrate or worry?

Wow! What yeast did you use?
You may want to fit a blowoff tube for the 1st couple days, just-in-case.

I used the same montrachet that I usually use. I started it in warm sugarwater and the must is fermenting in the basement at about 66 degrees.

Doesn’t sound like you did anything wrong- just normal variation. After all, the yeasties don’t read the books that tell them what they’re supposed to do. I imagine things have calmed down by now.

It is still pretty vigorous but at least the water stays in the airlock now so I guess it’s ok. It will be interesting to see if there is any noticeable effect on the wine.

I’ll bet it turns out great.

I’ll let everyone know in a year or so.:slight_smile:

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