Who's brewing what for Labor Day weekend?

I’ve got an ESB planned but may switch off to something a little lighter before I commit. What are you all planning over the long weekend?

Getting ready to mash in an American pale ale right now. Planning either a Bohemian pilsner or a kölsch tomorrow or Sunday, not sure which yet.

I am going to do a modified version on Dushutes Chain Breaker IPA. I’m going to try to reduse the IBU to appeal to a larger group. The beer is real crisp an citrusy but some say it’s too bitter for them. I have several IPA’s on tap but not one that your average Miller light drinker would like. I hope this will be a hit. Only time will tell…

Kegged a rye yesterday and brewed dry stout.

Got a multigrain PA and a saison w/brett ready to keg. Also a blended beer with Roselare. Not sure if I want to keg or bottle that one.

Unfortunately, I’ll be laboring all weekend.

I am!

Last of my Medusa Cream Ale.

I’m planning on a saison with WY3711, just not sure yet whether it will be a “Saison Noire” for the winter or something more traditional. . .


Might do the biab dead ringer kit.

Just pitched the yeast in my APA a half hour ago. Warming up a pack of 2001 to get a starter going for a pilsner this weekend. :mrgreen:

Doing pumpkin spice today, to have ready for Halloween. Maybe a mead on Monday, although the timing seems a bit tight to have that drinkable for Christmas.

Knocked out a steam last night. Easiest time for me to brew with a one year old :cheers:

Workin’ on some night brews…


Workin’ on some night brews…[/quote]

Trying to make some front page drive-in news???

No brewing: today is my 28th anniversary and we have other plans.
An ESB is on the schedule a little later in the month.

Just picked up supplies from my LHBS for the start of my Fall series- an Alt, a Doublealt, and a Graf. Also placed an order with NB for some crystal malts that I’m out of, plus Denny’s Waldo Lake Amber AG kit. Did that one last year and it was gooooood!
Temps are finally down to the 70’s, so my summer hiatus is about to be over. :cheers:

Not brewing, but caught up on a bunch of stuff I needed to do. Kegged a viking gruit for a party we are having in a few weeks, kegged a saison which is going to condition in the keg at room temp for a month or so, kegged a bourbon-oak stout which will be bottled from the keg in a couple of weeks, and bottled a strong prickly pear mead I made last fall. Now I have four fermenters and a three carboys ready for fall/winter brewing.

Wild rice brown ale either tomorrow or Monday. Donating a six pack to a charity auction so need to work on a label as well.

I brewed a rye IPA last night. I tried a Citra/Amarillo combo, we’ll see how that tastes with the rye.

I settled on the ESB. Brewed it on Sunday. The more pale beer will have to wait as I will follow the ESB with a porter on the same yeast cake in 3- 4 weeks. I hope everyone’s holiday weekend was safe and happy with time for a few home brewed beers.

Just bottled a super simple “not so pale” ale.
6# Light LME, 1/2# Caramel 80L, 2.5 oz Centennial evenly distributed at 60, 10, 1.

No brewing for me as all my fermenters were full. I need to keg 20 gal Pumpkin and 20 gal of Pale Ale and 10 gal BVIP, then I can get my Two Hearted going.