When to add cane sugar

Working on JZ’s all-grain saison recipe. I’ve never used cane sugar in a brew before when should it be added?


Anytime in the boil pot.

I’ve done his recipe and have put it in at the end to keep the beer lightly coloured. Whether or not it would have a significant impact on wort colorization, I do not know. But best tip the scale all I can in my favor.

I generally add it at the end of the boil. Because of the nature of the heating element in my electric keggle, adding it sooner does affect the color somewhat (though that aspect really hardly matters to me…I’m generally suspicious of any beer lighter than 10-15 SRM anyway :shock: ).
Aside from that, adding it sooner would certainly impact your hop utilization (how much it affects it would depend on the quantity used). It’s fine to add it at the beginning of the boil…if you do, just factor it in to your bittering calculations.

Has anyone waited to add it to the fermentor if so when? Thanks for the tips.

I always add mine to the fermenter when fermentation is close to being done. I like to add the sugar to my 2L flask, add just a bit of water and bring it to a boil to sanitize, Let it cool and pour it right into the beer.

[quote=“groovy24”]Has anyone waited to add it to the fermentor if so when?[/quote]I’ll add it to the fermenter for big beers - it’s easier on the yeast to give them a lower OG and to let them concentrate on the malt sugars, then as the gravity drops add the simple sugar and they’ll plow through it.