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What's in a name

I just started what was supposed to be, a black IPA but my basement is so cold I decided to ferment with 34/70. Any ideas on what to call a monster schwartzbier? It’s original gravity is 1.070 with almost 80 ibu’s. Kind of a stupid question but I can’t find any classification anywhere close. :?

Probably something like an India black lager? Calling something like this a black IPL doesn’t make sense, as a beer can’t be pale and black at the same time… :expressionless:

India black lager or cascadian dark lager.

What’s wrong with monster schwartzbier?

Specialty Beer

Josh, you’re right. I love it. “Monster Schwartzbier” it is. Thanks :cheers:

I would call it a Black IPL. I’m pretty sure it’s been done before, and that’s the best description. True schwarzbier is neither black nor very hoppy.

Kostritzer is pretty darn black by my observation.

I’ve done an India Black Lager before as well a couple years ago. I liked it. I don’t like using India in the name though, because beers have nothing to do with India anymore. But we still call them IPA also, so that makes about as much sense as calling a pale beer black. And I refuse to give validation to the argument that these dark beers originated in “Cascadia”. A region claiming this style is arrogant and misguided. And that’s where I came up with the meaning to the acronym CDA in my signature…


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