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What is the best way to dry hop?

Hey guys I would like your opinion on this. I do 5 gal batches with primary in 6.5 carboys and secondary in 5 gals usually. I have two beers that are coming up that need to be dry hopped before bottling. The last two times I did this, I put pellets directly into carboy. It worked, but was a mess, and almost blew out my stopper. Is there a better way to go about this using pellets, I know a bigger vessel and whole hops would be better, but that is not what I have. I thought about putting hops in a muslin bag and then dropping into carboy. I think that would at least be cleaner.
How are you dry hopping and what has worked best for you. Thanks

Interesting… I haven’t seen that happen when I dry hop. Have you tried agitating the fermenter to knock the CO2 out of solution before you add the pellets?

I use pellets and drop them right in the fermenter, then cold-crash to drop them before bottling/kegging.

I’ve dropped the pellets right in the carboy and I’ve used the muslin bag weighted down with marbles. I prefer the latter method.

Used both pellets and leaf directly into the 2ndary. Same setup - using 6g primary and 5g secondary - and have had no problems.

IME the best way to dry hop is in a keg, at 60-65F loose leaf hops just swimming in the beer, with a surescreen on the dip tube. 1-2 weeks, then chill to either serve or xfer to another keg.

Same here. No bag usually means headspace full of green crud and later scrubbing out airlocks with a test tube brush.
BTW it takes a lot of marbles to keep the bag from floating.

If it’s only an ounce or two, I just drop the pellets in. Any more than that and I stick them in a bag. I dry hop in secondary and have never had problems with hops in the airlock…more like hops clogging up the bottling wand.

I just dump pellets right into the secondary and cold crash for two days before packaging. Cold crashing really works well! The beauty of home brewing is that there are so many different techniques that often produce good results. I think that you could try all of them and get a clear beer in the end. Cheers.

+2 Muslin bag

+1, but I use pellet hops in woman’s knee-high hose (new and sanitized - you perverts :roll: ). I buy the super cheap white ones ones from Walmart. They come in a little gum machine-like ball. Cheaper than the muslin bags and a finer weave.

+1 for the muslin bag. I use it over the end of the racking cane to filter out the pellets that I threw in the carboy.

If I use pellet hops I put them in a muslin bag with a large SS nut to weight it.
If I am using whole, then I put the hops in first and rack on top using the muslin bag on the racking cane.

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