What did you get for the holiday?

I got a blichmann burner. And an assortment of hot sauce from Tears of Joy in Austin, Texas.

What about you?

Happy kids!! And a few books from my favorite author (F. Paul WIlson!!)

Probably my favorite was the 1 Liter mug my boys bought me! That oughta save me a few trips to the taps!

Taps for a keezer. woo hoo!

a really cool book, “A Brewer’s Apprentice” and some tasting glasses.
and some golf stuff!

I told the family to make sure they got me some good Belgian beer. So they got me Shock Top. True story. It’s the thought that counts.

Merry Christmas, everyone. :slight_smile:

Babys first BK.
Very well made and shiny, stepping up to 1/4 Qt Full Boils!
Proud day for daddy. Merry Christmas! - Scott

Still need to notch the lid then were all set :cheers:

Please tell me you’re actually going to brew in it. :cheers:

I got a bread maker for my spent grains. And the new stone book

I created a thread in the baking/gardening forum if anyones willing to share their spent grain bread recipes

I got a 10L barrel with spigot and stand, I’m going to use it to serve British bitters on special occasions. Mother-in-law got me a Beertender by Krups, I am going to find a way to serve homebrew through it.

I got a rock. :cheers:

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find very,very tiny stainless toilet supply hose?

Beer related:
More slant tubes for yeast storage in my yeast bank.
Gift card to NB.
4 pack assortment of Boulevards Smokehouse series.

Non beer related:
New smoker.
New deep well cast iron dutch oven.
Meat slicer.
Meat grinder.
Leupold 10X42 binos.
Got to smoke the Opus X cigar that I have been hoarding.

I knew I was a good boy. :wink:

Brother got me a Sam Smiths oatmeal stout and a giftcard to LHBS. Parents gave me some cash that will buy me a new counterflow chiller.

I got an NB digital temp controller… I’ll be trolling craigslist for a chest freezer and then off the the races with lagers right after the holidays…

We got the deluxe brew kit and I brewed the first batch this morning.

I got a new fermenting pail, some Breiss cara brown, And some Fuggles

Cool, you got a Charlie Brown stein beer kit!

There is not much beer related left to get so I got two bottles of Avery Mephistopheles RIS. Possibly the best RIS out there. At about $10 per 12 oz bottle and 16.5% abv, I will be laying these down for 5 years.