Water chemistry software

I’ve seen a couple of contentious threads on this topic, but wanted to toss a question or two out there anyway…

I’ve been trying to compute my ion and mash PH targets and did a parallel test on both Beersmith and EZ_water_calculator. As expected, the calcium/sulfate/choride numbers were very close, so no gripes there. However, my PH calculations were about 0.14 different and I thought they would be closer than that.

I did this with a pretty basic 3-malt BIAB recipe, distilled water, and simple salt & acid malt additions, so I’d really appreciate any insight on where I might be missing the boat. Or maybe one or the other of the programs simply aren’t reliable in terms of predicting mash PH?

BTW, I haven’t attempted Bruin Water at this point yet, since it is a little intimidating at first look through…

Thanks in advance.

First, was meter calibrated prior to use? Always rinsing in between test solutions and actual tests?
What temp was the tested wort?
These little things have an impact on results… A difference of .14 isn’t that much of concern from my perspective…
I’ve come to correct my water while still cool. Then add malt… about 20 minutes into the mash I pull a sample to cool. My readings MIGHT vary to the final reading at mash out…
As far as water programs, I can’t seem to get stuff to work… I get so frustrated.

I read that the poster got different ph predictions usin different software doesn’t mention actually testing. Different software use different formulas probably. .14 is flea poop any way

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thanks. I just figured a simple recipe would (or should) result in a pretty spot on measurement. Anyway, maybe I should just spend $75 on a decent PH meter and have some acid/soda on hand.

I actually don’t have a batch in the works Sneezle. In the process of moving/building and had to pack all my brew equipment away for a few months, which really sucks. So in my idle time, I thought I’d look at software and see what might work and for the most part have just confused myself more. Maybe a combination of the software and ph meter gets me there.

Go directly to Milwaukee equipment. I have a quart of phosphoric acid, and use a syringe type measure.

+1 for flea poop ……

Back to (one of )your original question(s), both of those programs are very reliable. I used EZ water a few years back and have gravitated to brewers friend. Quite easy to use. I think all the programs mentioned have been updated/upgraded over the years and are fine to use. Using a pH meter is certainly good practice. I tend to trust Brewer’s’s friend now and don’t use the meter. But I certainly think it’s a good way to go. The difference between say a 5.4 and a 5.26 should be minimal as far as the brewing process or mash pH.