Water Building & Residual Alkalinity

I am using RO water and building my beer with salt additions. My question is if I get the right mineral content for say a porter, should I be concerned with the Residual Alkalinity(RA) being around -50? I 've read that the RA should be higher for darker beers and lower for lighter beers. So in theory, my porter will not be as complex with a lower RA?

I usually add baking soda to get RA up for darker beers.

I can guarantee that the mash pH will be depressed lower than desirable and the effects will likely cascade into the beer. There are a couple of partial work-arounds. One is to not add the calcium and magnesium minerals to the mash, thereby not depressing the RA as much. The other work-around is to reserve the crystal and roast malts to avoid their extra acidity in the main mash. Both will provide some relief from the excessive mash pH drop.

Thanks guys for the info…