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Washington DC water report help

DC (WSSC) water report doesn’t specify what makes up alkalinity or hardness, i.e it doesn’t specifiy them as CaCO3. anyone out there contact WSSC to get this info? or gotten a water analysis done on DC tap? if so, would you mind sharing?

Based on my limited 'net research, alkalinity in water is due to CaCO3 in most cases. You can probably assume that the alkalinity in the WSSC report is CaCO3.

Either way, the ez water calculator has a toggle for alkalinity that should work.

When I contacted Fairfax water to get info, I just cold called. After fumbling around, I eventually spoke with an engineer, who explained what I needed to know. You may have similar results with WSSC as long as you are polite an explain why you want water chemistry info.

thanks. i have been running under that assumption that alkalinity and hardness are expressed as calcium carbonate. haven’t noticed anything funky with AG batches. though, i do predominantly middle of the road (colorwise) beers so i’m not too surprised.

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