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Using Up Dark Malts

Help me reduce my inventory. With all the recipes calling for fractions of a pound of darker malts, I’ve developed quite a collection. I’d like to use some of it up. I’ll have to buy some base malt and maybe some hops, but preferably I’d use the Denny’s Fav. Yeast I saved and maybe the partial bags of Tradition or Northern Brewer hops.
I have at least a half pound each of:
Caramel 120
Special B
Pale Chocolate
Roasted Barley
Flaked Wheat

Any suggestions?

How about a Russian imperial stout. Denny’s favorite should work well for it. If you need recipe let me know and I will post my favorite

Typically, I wouldn’t use so many malts, except the idea here is to use a bunch of them up. I’d only be buying the base malt. How’s this look? Any major problems?

8# 2-Row
1/2# Biscuit
1/2# Brown
1/2# Crystal 120L
1/2# Special B
1/2# Pale Chocolate
1/2# Roast Barley
1/4# Flaked Wheat

1/2 oz Northern Brewer 60 Min
1/2 oz German Tradition 60 Min

1 pt Denny’s Favorite 50

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