Using a steam juicer for wine

So I am planning on making a blackberry wine here soon as well as a peach mead. Most recipes call for boiling the fruit or having it in the primary, etc.

I was wondering if anyone out there has used a steam juicer to extract the juice from fruit and what your success was?

I have access to one from a friend and I was thinking this would be a much easier and purer way to get the juice from the fruit I already have without having to have the actual fruit in the primary. Anyone have any experience with this?

I would not recommend a steam juicer since it involves heating. You do not want to have to heat your juice in anyway if you can prevent it.

Will it do anything other than make it difficult to clarify, or does heating up the juice actually make it taste different? What effects would it have on the juice?

Frankly, most blackberry wine recipes I have come into contact with call for cooking the fruit anyway.

I just want to know what the negative effects will be.

Not only will you set the pectin, but it also results in a cooked fruit taste that is not appealing. You will definitely notice the loss of delicate flavors.
Where are you seeing recipes that request the fruit to be cooked? I would not recommend that approach with any wine.

Freeze the fruit first, allow to thaw, and press through a fine mesh bag. Place bag in primary and add Campden and other ingredients(except yeast). Wait 24hrs and pitch yeast. Stir daily until you reach a SG of 1.030-1.020. Rack to secondary and allow to finish. Rack again and as needed for clearing. Makes it pretty simple.

What BB said, 100%.

got it. Thanks for the advice.