Useless water additions?

I currently have kosher salt, cacl2, Epsom, gypsum, and chalk…but have read that you can’t really get the bicarbonate out of chalk without some acid…sooooooooooo which minerals do you guys try to hit right on and which ones don’t necessarily matter?

I use MgSO4(epsom salt), CaSO4(gypsum), and CaCl2. That’s it. I have enough NaCl and HCO3 in my well water that for light colored beers I dilute 1/2 & 1/2 with DH20 and add back some calcium. Dark colored beers I can use straight tap. I’ve used Brun water for 3 years now, and feel comfortable enough with it that I can design water profiles for whatever I want to brew.
Oh right, porkchop’s post below reminded me. Based on Brunwater’s recommendation, I add 3cc lactic acid to my sparge water. For every batch.

Same here, with the addition of sea salt or pickling salt. I have a lot of calcium in my water, so if I need to boost chloride or sulfate, I’ll boost it as much as possible with Epsom salt or sea salt, and then get the rest of the way there with calcium sulfate and calcium chloride. Balance the alkalinity with lactic or phosphoric acid, and that’s pretty much it. Those are the only additions I’ve ever used for any style.