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UNL student/home brewing market research project

I am a current UNL student doing a market research project on home brewing. I was wondering if you guys could take a quick survey for me. It would really be appreciated.

You need a survey to figure out that most brewers are middle aged, middle income guys that might be willing to buy a new gadget for their hobby?

We area a pretty predictable group, aren’t we?

Took it. I believe more and more younger people are getting into the hobby. Weather or not they stick with it is the question. Here on the west coast craft beer is booming and people of all ages love DIY projects. although I’m sure MOST are still middle aged…

Took it for you and added to the 20-30 year old group for you and I’m in it for the long run here.

The one question you have about how much time you spend brewing is kind of awkwardly worded or confusing. Does this include prep work, recipe writing/research, reading internet forums, making starters, racking beers, washing yeast, bottling/kegging??? Or is this literally limited to the act of brewing?

Just something to think about for you research because it could skew your results if people are misinterpreting that question. I took it to mean everything.

Oh my God… You mean I’m not the only one here that fits that category?


Oh my God… You mean I’m not the only one here that fits that category?

Theres a few more. You’re just lucky I didn’t include “balding” in the description, but it was implied of course.

Really I was just trolling for a woman to take issue with the statement, but the lack of a response only drives home the point.

I’m only “middle aged” if I end up to be 130. :lol:

I am not sure what you were going for in the question “How much do you spend on brewing equipment each year?” I spend $100-200 on equipment, I spend much more on brewing ingredients

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