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Unexpected taste

I’m relatively new to making fruit wine and I’m having a glass of a peach wine I made in Sept/Oct. So it’s only about 6 months old. I bottled at about 4 months. It had a slight carbonation so next time I’ll let it go six months before bottleing. It has a little burning taste very slight. Could this be from the carbonic acid. As it sits in the glass it fades. It’s pretty strong I think. Any wine makers out there? Anyone know of a good winemaker forum with tolerance for beginners?

I’m new at the wine game to, so will be of little help. I’ve done 1 batch of dandelion, 2 batches of peach, 1 maple, 1 cranberry and 1 prickly pear mead. Each were 1 G batches. I let each age a year in the bottles before sampling.
It seems likely from your description that carbonic bite is a possibility, unless it’s just a harsh alcohol bite that hasn’t had time to mellow.

Yes I’m thinking I need to be more patient. I don’t add potassium sorbate when bottling might have to rethink that

Might just be dissolved CO2 from fermentation. It takes a REALLY LONG time to get rid of excess carbon dioxide unless you degas it. Sorbate won’t help this issue, assuming fermentation was complete. At four months, it probably was just a bit gassy going into bottles.

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