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Uh... learning day?

So I did my first all grain yesterday. 2.5 gal BITB of a lime ale that I found and the mash went great but I had a friend over while doing it no big deal right? So I laid everything out and was starting to boil and 30 min in i realized that I added the entire 1 oz bag of hops to the boil. The recipe calls for 1oz for 5 gal. :oops: So I stopped the boil at 40 min. I know I made beer and the airlock is starting to bubble, but how bitter is this going to be. Cheers

If you want to provide the OG and AA% of the hops you’ll get an exact answer, but I don’t think it’ll end up too bitter.

It’ll be fine. I know it’s not what the recipe called for, but 1oz of hops is actually just about right for a 2.5 gallon batch. To put things in perspective, for a 5 gallon batch I will typically use anywhere from 2 to 14oz of hops.

This sounds weird, but I have a hard time mixing brewing and socializing. I get distracted way too easily. My wife usually even leaves! A potential solution might be to literally have one of those direction sheets with literally a step-by-step of everything you need to do (one of the brewing software suites spits one out…maybe Promash?). Also, I generally don’t even crack a beer until I’m chilling the wort (if at all).

On my FORTIETH brew, I was at a group brew for one of my clubs. RIPA. Forgot my mash hops, got terrible efficiency, likely because I was screwing around talking to my friends and trying beers. Then one of the hose clamps on my chiller was loose and I was dripping hose water into the wort. My first name for it was the Fail Ale.

A few people said it was their favorite that I’ve ever made!

I hear you on having everyone leave. This being my first all grain it was nice to have someone that has done a few AG’s already and just forgot to look at my computer to follow the instructions. As an extract kit brewer I was so use to just dumping in the package of hops at 60 (witch I did).

The hops were uk kent goldings (5.3%) at 60, uk kent golding at 15, and saaz at 5. Suppose to add .5 oz, .5 oz, .5 oz acctually did 1 oz, none, .5 oz.

As for OG not sure the hydrometer decided to try bungee jumping off the counter without the bungee cord :lol: . But should have been around 1.044. All in all I’m not to worried it is bubbling nice and should be good just the newbie worries and a funny story to boot. Cheers

Hey, the hobby is all about learning…and beer is almost ALL about process. Which means you need ‘reps’ to get your process down. I think my gravity was 25 points light on my first all grain. Cheers to the next batch!

[quote=“unknowledged brewer”]The hops were uk kent goldings (5.3%) at 60, uk kent golding at 15, and saaz at 5. Suppose to add .5 oz, .5 oz, .5 oz acctually did 1 oz, none, .5 oz. [/quote]Assuming a 6.5-gal boil to 5.0 gals into fermenter, the original recipe would have been about 16 IBUs and your modification ended up around 19 IBUs - you won’t notice any difference in bitterness.

2.5g of 1.044 wort with 1oz of 5.3AA hops at 60 will be in the 40IBU range.

Not overly hoppy, but well above the 20IBU’s you were shooting for.

If it’s too hoppy set it aside and try one in a few months, the hoppiness will fade.

To all thanks, I guess I just have a case of the first timer jitters. I know that it will turn out as beer and now just need to let it do its thing. Learning and proceeding that how we roll, Right.

To Nighthawk and La, your right it should not be to bad, I personally like a little bit of bit to my beers but this one I was making for my BMC friends for my yearly summer BBQ. Well if they can’t handle it then to bad, liqueur store is down the street. As for SHMBO well she has her own beer named for herself and can raid that stash.

Also to all that helped me with going to all grain thanks. It was much easier than I had thought. Now I just need to brew more to get the process down and start to develop my skills :slight_smile:


Just wanted to post a follow up. I popped open one yesterday and it came out very good. The bitterness was actually a bit weak to me so it should be a big hit for the BBQ. Thanks and cheers.

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