Two unrelated questions

  1. Did the cost of Ward Lab’s water report jump to $26 from $16 or did I find the wrong site?
  2. For those of you who use a measured stick of some sort to determine your volumes in your kettle do you measure the actual volume of wort or the headspace above the wort to the top of your kettle (Gordon Strong’s method). I had planned on calibrating an aluminum rod, notching it out, and putting it in the boil for the last 10 minutes to sterilize.


Ward Lab’s has both, the $26 one is a kit they send that contains a return address label, return postage label, sample submittal form, water bottle, and two sleeves of bubble wrap. The $16 option you send your sample in with your own bottle.

I measure my actual volume in my kettle.

I have been measuring the volume of the liquid, but assuming you have measured everything out properly, a head space measurement should be just as good.

I might actaully try that next time.

I use a flat piece of ss as a measuring device that I hook onto the edge of my keggle. I measure the actual volume and correct for temperature. It is calibrated for room temp water.