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Too bitter stout?

Sunday I brewed an all grain Oatmeal Stout that is a slightly higher gravity version of the NB recipe. I bumped the gravity from about 1.042 to 1.052, intentionally. Original recipe called for og aly 1 oz of Glacier at 60 min. I tried to add 50% of a 2 oz bag and ended up adding the whole thing. I also added 1/2 oz of cascade as part of my recipe modification.

In Beersmith, my bitterness ratio is pegged because of the doubled Glacier amount.

How bitter will this really be? Is there anything I should do 2 days into fermentation?

Glacier and cascade are not super high alpha varieties, so while you have doubled your bitterness it’s not like you went into the stratosphere. You might just call it an American Stout and be done.

The nice thing is this is a roasty beer, which hold up exceptionally well to age. If it’s too bitter, hang on to it for a few months and let the fines drop out. It will not only seem less bitter because of all the hop/grain polyphenols have dropped out, but also the hops will lose some of their punch over time. This is best done cold to facilitate settling.

I second the suggestion to just wait. Most of the stouts I’ve done never are even close to ready at 6 weeks in the bottle. I’ve had one that was good at 3 months but still a bit bitey if served too cold. I could taste 3 different beers from serving to finish. As it warmed up, it got better and better and was perfectly balanced.

Do you think it will taste like a hoppy stout or a bitter stout?

Depends, when did you add the hops? All 2 oz at 60 minutes? More bitter. But if you added the Cascade later in the boil you should definitely get flavor or aroma.

It was all at 60 minutes, so bitter it is!


I don’t remember how much the app cost me but i use ibrewmaster and i love it. it will tell you how many IBUs the beer will have (granted it can’t tell you perceived bitterness)

Beersmith will tell you that and I am showing way over the range for the style, but I don’t know enough to be able to translate to perceived bitterness

also buy a gram scale.

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