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To brew, or not to brew

So. Here it is, 17:30 on Saturday evening. I have a Kama Citra kit inside… And I’m bored. Just racked my KOLSCH to secondary and zested w orange… Cleaned… And have been sitting in the mancave enjoying some ghost in the machine by parish brewing. And some ESB homebrew…so my question is, to myself, do I brew… Or do I wait.hmmmmmm that is the question! By the way. Has anyone brewed this , if so how was it?

Not a good idea to start brewing late in the day after having some beer.

sooo. Did you brew?

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Nope. Drank beer and ate chilli dogs​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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So looks like an early morning brew then off to …Uploading…

Couldn’t be any truer.

me did brew it once a real nice beer nice citrus taste my daughter did like it lots the after taste a abv of 5.6

I just brewed it and tasted the first bottle about 5 days ago. It turned out great. I nice IPA without the bitterness and slightly citrusy. My ABV also is at 5.6. Also has a nice creamy head.

That’s good to hear!! This is only my fourth batch, so glad to hear someone recently brewed it and enjoyed it. Just a curiosity, what were your pitch and ferm temps?? Headed to store now for ice… About to fire up the olé burner and let the brew day begin!!

Pitched at 68 and kept fermentation in the mid 60’s until the krausen dropped. Also was a full boil and yeast starter. Used an extract kit but did not make any adjustments for the hops, however I did steep the grains in 2.5 gallons of water instead of the full boil amount.

I’ve been looking at the full boil technique, just not completely sure I know what I’m doing yet!!:laughing: Just got my brew process down for half boil!! Don’t wanna screw up what could possibly be a great beer! Any advice on full boils??

Yup. Outside burner and a big brew pot to help with boil overs. That was my first full boil attempt and all went well but I did have a small boil over on another brew. Some people adjust the hops amounts when using a full boil with an partial boil kit but I didn’t on this one and it tasted fine. The suggestion is to use the full grain recipe amount for hops but at the time I didn’t have a scale to weigh out the hops. I would suggest however at least steeping grains in the recipe kit amount of water (2.5 gallons) and then adding that to the full boil amount. I have to boil about 6 to 6.5 gallons to get a full 5 gallons. I did a few partial boils then switched to full boils when the weather got nice and I bought a burner. I have a 8.5 gallon pot but wish I had a 10.

Yeah. I started outside, have an 8 gal. And a 20 gal. However the 20 gal is a one piece unit, burner and pot built on legs. Have been thinking of using it , but would have to transfer to smaller pot for cool down since I don’t have an immersion chiller and have to use ice bath.

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Yes a chiller is a necessity. I have an immersion chiller. How the heck do you clean that 20 gallon set up?

Lol!! Well it was intended to be a crawfish pot, or seafood in general. But was looking at using for beer… Has a threaded port in side about half inch off bottom. Considering new valve and hoses . Basically dump some cleanser in and get to scrubbing!!

Nice! You could brew beer and and have a lobster boil at the same time. Sounds like the perfect day to me.

Kama Citra


That does look good!! Well I’m off to attempt this boil!! So steep @ 2.5 gal. Then add up to 6-6.5 for boil and follow extract hop schedule… Sounds like a plan! Will report back w results.

Well. So I did a full boil. And just for shits and giggles… Decided to toss in an orange, peeled and sectioned, at five we will see. However, not sure why. But the OG is 1.055 instead of 1.050. Just curious if this was because of full boil, or what…

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