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Thoughts on reworking rims system

A few months ago I bought my buddy’s electric rims brew rig and all of his brew stuff- he’s getting out due to health reasons.

I’m a reasonably experienced brewer, but this is a huge step up in complexity for me. What I want to do is remove some of the automation he built in and strip it down to its basic components. I’m thinking an elevated hlt/electric kettle to a cooler/mash tun pumped to the electric boil kettle. While this takes me from having a rims system to just having an electric brew system, I’m ok with that. I’m not doing extremely complex brews at this time and I can add components/automation back in as I get more experience.

Does this seem like a reasonable plan? Why or why not?


As Denny might say - It sounds pragmatic to me! Simplicity is sometimes the better choice. I have a two tier 3keg system and use bucket heaters for strike and mash water, set on timers. I collect wort in a bucket and pour it into the boil kettle. That, despite having a March pump sitting idly by - I will eventually use that pump when lifting becomes a chore, but for now it is less cleanup and simpler to do without.

YMMV, of course.


I don’t think you have to do any complicated brews to use a RIMS. I’d certainly be tempted to give it a shot before I dismantled it. That said, the stripped down version ought to work just fine.

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