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Thermapen Sale

Anyone interested in purchasing a Thermapen, they are currently offering an “Open Box Sale”
for $69. Most either have damaged packaging or were used as demos models. They are like-new and include the full warranty.

Thanks, order placed!

Awesome. I’ve been back and forth on this, but the good price pushed me to order. Thanks. :cheers:

I already have one and I recommend it. It’s a great thermometer, very accurate and easy to use.

Yeah, I got that email today. One of these days I’m going to get me one those!

Damn…I bought mine for $95 after shipping a month or so ago. Oh well. Great thermometer, quick and accurate.

Sucks to see things on sale after you buy but at least these are “B” stock, not exactly the same as what you got.

Thanks Baratone Brewer for the heads up! Procrastinating for a week or so paid off.

Much thanks, ordered one as a back up, err I mean, I got my wife one for her bread making.

Same reason I got my wife got one a while back. :wink:

Another thanks for the heads up, was thinking about one a month or so ago but couldnt quite swing it. Between the price drop and tax returns its brewery improvement time!

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