The waiting game

Coming from beer making it seems like wine takes a lot longer from start to drink. Is this only a first batch problem since after that you usually have some left over from the last batch? What worries me is making a batch and waiting 3-4 months to try it before I know if it’s good. Is this just life for a wine maker?

You can taste your wine any time you like, and kit wine is ready to drink sooner than commercial wine, but for the most part if you drink your kit wine young, you’re wasting the potential.

The only answer is to make lots, so you always have some on hand, and to keep a carboy going at all times. The French have a saying: you don’t drink your wine, you drink your father’s wine, and you don’t buy your wine, you buy your children’s wine.

The scale for home winemaking isn’t as bleak as that, but there’s definitely some wisdom there!

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