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temperature control

Temperature control for my neck of the woods is not going to be easy but I am adapting.
I know I can keep the primary at a constant temp within five degrees. Secondary is also a can do.

Aging or letting it stay in a carboy for more than three months at a low temp, especially for various white wines (what I have read) is going to be a bit trickier.

One option is to wait for the temps in my area to cool down by about 20 degrees since it is pretty much in the high 80’s and low 90’s for several months. This would mean making a white wine like a Riesling during November when the temps will drop and stay a lot cooler until next April. Does that sound like an option.

Second, if I make a kit, since they are made with a bit more leeway than I would have with a bucket of wine grapes , is that a bit more feasible?

What do you think?

Third is storage. I am looking around my house for a constant cooler area which is dark, little vibration .

I would buy another fridge but we already have two and a small freezer which are pretty full most of the time(long story). our Elec bills during summer are nasty high and that is just to keep things in the low 80’s. I know…whine …whine.

But for the meantime, any idea of what I could do and what temp( 70- 75 max ?)would be acceptable for long term storage.

Thank You

I think 75 sounds OK for storage with one caveat - Don’t plan to age as long. Maybe plan to drink most white wine within the year (2 on the outside - maybe). Reds may work a little better - I’m sure some will last several years. But when you think the wine is at a point you like, drink it - don’t collect it.

Like I have said - temperatures for making the wine (at least fermentation) could go a little higher - even up to 80.

If you are going to bulk age the wine a bit, I would plan your scheduling around that. Once the wine is finished - carboy or bottle, make sure you can keep it 75 or under - lower the better.

For ease of process, I would recommend kit wine to start.

funny you should mention a kit. I am going to buy a kit, probably something like wine expert, vintners reserve $70’s to $80’s price range. I started wine grapes from my backyard and did not have to worry about storage since as soon as they aged a little --they were consumed. As I venture forward and do more wine, it is now an issue that I must address in a not very realistic manner but will eventually have to build something in the house or buy a wine fridge.


A lot depends on the kits you choose, and white vs. red.

In the case of vintners, I would not bother aging any of it (white or red) more than a year. And even as far as bottle aging goes - one month is fine.

Those kits are made to be consumed quick and there is no benefit to agin past 2 or 3 months really.

I am looking at the wine refrigerators right now.
wine buff

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