Tasting MV Chardonnay

In this video I taste an aged example of MV Chardonnay. While I am the original kit modifying guy, this one was done exactly by the book with no changes or additions. And it turned out great!

I apologise for the potato-grade quality of the video. I’m a wine guy, but I’m learning to make videos as well as present them. It’s actually harder than it looks–but you can tell that from the video!

Geez, I was holding my hands out, just in case you spilled a drop! I would enjoy tasting a quality wine such as what you just show cased. My wife is the wine connoisseur in our home and would like me to provide such a collection. Kit? Sneezles61

I rarely spill–wine is too important!

If you’re already a beer maker, you’ve got winemaking covered–it’s easy to get started making great wine right away. Take a look:

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