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Tannins anyone?

Who has experience with tannins in beer? I’m pretty sure I’m getting tannins due to higher than optimum pH. Especially during sparge. Anyway, I was wondering if tannins can be picked up in the aroma. What I am assuming is tannins or what ever else is produced/extracted due to high pH, is apparent in the aroma as well as flavor.

Tannins don’t have aroma at all. They give you a drying sensation on the tongue so its a component of mouthfeel more than anything. Not sure what you’re picking up as an aff-aroma, if you can describe it then we might be able to pinpoint what it is.

Chew on a grape stem and you will know what tannins taste/feel like…


Although tannins do not have an aroma per se, I think a higher pH could affect the hop aroma, as well as, some esters or aromas created from the yeast. What is your final pH? That will tell you for sure.

Sucking on grape skins will show you the astringency of tannins. Tannins can react with chemicals to produce phenolic compounds that do have an aroma. Yeast and bacteria can also produce aromas that are phenolic. If you are extracting tannins during the sparge then it will likely come across as a rough graininess. You really have to oversparge to get an astringent wort.

Final as in after fermentation? It was 4.46 which as far as I know isn’t too high, but it is on the higher end of what is should b. It is a weird flavor, I was thinking tannin because it is unpleasantly bitter but there is also a flavor with it, not just the astringent sensation. Sometimes its more evidant than others. Might have to do with palate pH?

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