Suggested reading?


I’ve been brewing for a few years but mostly extracts and partial grain stuff. I just upgraded with everything I need for a proper all-grain brew.

Since I have about a week since this is all delivered, I have a copy of the all-grain DVD coming but I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions for some reading materials in the interim.

It seems like a lot of extra moving parts and I’d like to get a head start on things so I can jump in as soon as all the new equipment arrives :slight_smile:

Here is online link to “how to brew” - great book… Worth buying a copy if you don’t have it, but it is also on line for free. I have brewed for 17 years and still go back to this book.

This might help some along with the other suggestions ( which I also recommend).

I have Snyder’s ‘The Brewmaster’s Bible’, Palmer’s ‘How to Brew’, and two of Charlie P.'s books. All great for different reasons, but when I want to review something, I tend to go look at Palmer’s(it is also online, but the hardcopy is great to have). It covers just about everything, and is very well indexed, so it’s easy to find stuff.

Read every book about brewing that you can find, the library is a good place to look. I’ve always been able to get something out of every one I read, even the lousy ones.

Anything by Dave Miller. Great for starting fires, according to Denny. :wink:

I read anything I could get my hands on, but I’ve gained a lot of practical information from this forum.

Techniques have improved since the older books, still good reading.
Don’t get caught up on one right way to brew. Take advice from experience, personalize to your situation, and have fun. :cheers:

Don’t forget to brew along the way- that is to say, give yourself some perspective on what books say. The How to Brew section, the dennybrew site, and the dvd should plenty to get you started. Book reading, forum posts, blogs, podcasts, etc. can be great if you can filter the massive info out there. One great way to begin the filtering process is brew some beer with your equipment and evaluate the results before you read too much and second guess yourself. Its supposed to be fun and everyone has their level of interest- find yours & have fun.