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Storing brewing salts

Just out of curiosity, is there a proper way to store brewing salts? I just keep them in my garage and have for a year now. I live in KY, so there’s obviously a big change in temp and humidity in accordance with the seasons. I’ve got a beer fridge I can keep them in but just never thought to do it.

If there is a proper way, what would be the negative effect on the beer by using “bad” brewing salts?

Thanks for any input.

The only thing I’ve found is that you want to keep calcium chloride airtight. It is very hygroscopic; that is, it sucks moisture out of the air and turns into sludge.

Precisely, Also store lime in a tightly sealed jar too as it will revert to chalk if left in contact of air.

I wouldn’t sotre in a fridge because you’d have to let them warm up completely each time you wanted to use them. Otherwise the cool salt would only suck in water that much faster.

Hah, yeah, I’ve noticed this. Kinda cool, actually. I believe it’s only with chalk, correct? This doesn’t apply to gypsum or CaCl?

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