Sterilizing before Fermenting

Just started my first batch of wine. In the process and being in a hurry I totally forgot to sterilize everything. I did wash everything very good and rinse with scalding hot water. It has been fermenting for 5 days now and the airlock are bubbling really good. What is the chance that it will turn out OK?

Chances are very good that it will turn out fine. But you won’t know for sure for some time yet. If you pitched a healthy amount of yeast, it will outcompete anything wild that might be present, and won’t leave much sugar for other organisms to eat. Plus, it will very quickly drive the alcohol level above what most other microbes can survive. So odds are, it will be fine.

There is a chance that some bug which is hardier and able to eat things other than sugar (like the bacteria that turns wine into vinegar) will over time make their presence know - if they happened to be somehow present at the start. But don’t worry until it happens, because it probably won’t.

Thanks for the reply. I had two containers with 4 gals in each and I put 1 pack of Lalvin EC-1118 in each container. So hopefully it will turn out fine. Thanks again.