STC-1000 questions

I’m looking to buy a temp controller and I’m looking for some info on the STC-1000. I found a temp controller build on the AHA website and they say you can find them on Amazon. I searched for them and found a few different ones. Which brand is the one to get? Also do they make them in Fahrenheit?

The STC-1000 can be purchased that will read in F°. There are models that can be flashed for more versatility. I have one I purchased from a subscriber on another forum for $12, but I can’t find the seller’s information right now. Still don’t have it wired.

I would definitely avoid purchasing directly from China. There is a lot of cheap stuff out here. If you get a defective one or that is labeled for the wrong voltage you’ll be out of luck because of the shipping cost back to China.

Query this seller. He is out of stock at the moment, but has a good reputation.

That looks really nice! I already had most of the items to build one laying around. I picked up an enclosure today. I just need the STC-1000. For now I’m just going to build it without the controller. Thanks for the info. I’ll look to find a good seller after the new year.

Here’s what I have so far. I saw a picture of this build and liked the fact that the plugs were hidden in the back of it. I will cut a slot in the other side to mount the controller. Now I just need connect some wires and figure out with way I want the power cord to run into it and the sensor wire to come out. I bought an assortment of grommets for the power cord and sensor wire. I used a old work electrical box to mount the outlet to the enclosure.

I got this Docooler one off amazon for 16 free prime shipping. I’ve had ot for almost two years and it’s worked flawlessly. not that easy to change temp but I use it on my lagering fridge so it never gets changed.

edit: added link - Also, it’s only one relay output.®-Temperature-Controller-Thermocouple--58~194°F/dp/B00F05UI8O/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1450893489&sr=8-3&keywords=temperature+controllerenter link description here

My plug in outlet for heating and cooling and the STC face are on top of the box. I may add another outlet to the side of the box for other general use. The temp probe cable will come out of the top of the box with two pegs for winding the probe cable around when not in use. The pegs will be two 8 x 32 bolts with 3/16 ID vinyl tubing to cover the threads.

Pretty fancy stuff guys. I cut an extension cord in half and used the ends for mine. Duct taped it to the back of my chest freezer and dropped the sensor in.

I have it all wired minus the controller. 3 hot, 1 netural, 2 switched (Heat, Cool). All wire nuts are inside outlet box. I’m looking at the Inkbird controller.

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Sharp looking build. Cant wait to this and the fridge, when you’re done.

I decided to pull the trigger on the ITC-1000 temp controller over the STC-1000. It is supposed to be easier to set and it displays in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. Ordered it from Amazon should be able to finish the project soon.