Acquired full fridge / temp control?

So I acquired a full size fridge from a friend. Want to use as a Ferm chamber. Have been looking at the Stc 1000. Just want to know, is this the correct one. Seems like there are different brands…?

It does look like the STC-1000. Read the reviews for the seller and Q and A for it. Two main types are made. Make sure the voltage is for 110 -120 Volt. Some are made for other markets using 220 volts as the standard for house current.

Will do. Thanks for the heads up

check for the 50or 60 herts as well this might move up and down this might change so you fridge works real hard using more power .if so use a transformer to keep the power stable

Just got the inkbird ITC-308 for my chest freezer, no wiring just plug and play.

I have one from Amazon by docooler. It reads temps in Farenheit and is also very cheap.

I bought the ITC-1000 on amazon. It reads in C or F and from what I understand it is easier to adjust the settings compared to the STC. Also I think they list a couple options as far as single stage and dual stage. So you can control a heating and cooling element. Here is my thread from my build. I thought I posted final pictures but it didn’t look like it. STC-1000 questions

Brewman, how do you like the itc 308, are you happy w the supplied sensor?? I’m looking at a upright fridge with some sort of heater…

Here is the controller I’ll be going with next. The options are unbelievable for the cost. I’ve bought unwired Rancos for much cheaper but after buying the power cord and wiring I’ve got 3/4 of the costs wrapped up AND I’m doing the work. Plus they don’t have these options.

For what I’m using it for it works fine, the sensor has a 61/2 foot cord on it. Two separate plug in’s one for cool and one for heat. I’m using mine for cooling right now.