Split brew

Sunday I’ll brew. IPA is on my mind, wife wants an APA… I’ll plan to make a 9 gallon brew, rack off, chill and get the IPA in the fermenter. While I’m in the last 1/2 hour, in a separate kettle, I’ll have 1 more gallon steeping some crystal malts. I will combine and circulate to ensure well mixed then chill and put in the fermenter. Any of you do this? Sneezles61

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Never have done that since my fermentation system isn’t really set up for that. But parti-gyle brewing is a great way to get 2 beers out of one mash.

Not done it yet. We’ve mad some larger batches but always the same beer. Sounds like a future plan for us though!

The way I have done it is separate boils so I can steep some grains and do a different hop bill. It will work but not sure how much different the beer would be because of the bitterness at the ipa level.

Thinking about this and maybe calculate out your APA for a 45 min boil then drain that off to another vessel to chill and then continue your boil another 30 minutes or whatever and do another or two hop addition for the ipa. Never done it but with some calculations I think it would work

Thats a possibility… I’m thinking that the second addition of water and caramel malts should ease the hops… I was leaning more of dry hop in larger quantities too of the IPA… My ABV for IPA will be in the 6.2-ish neighborhood, now to TRY and figure the APA to around 5-5.5… There about… I could always add some DME… I think that would eliminate the extra challenge though… I’ll post what I intend to do and gravities, then after my brew day, we’ll see how close I actually got… Sneezles61

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Love the creative way you’re going at this! Makin’ beer man…

I’m thinking the longer boil for the second beer will boil down for a higher OG to give you a higher abv your looking for in your IPA. Would be a fun exercise anyway

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Here is an article that you might find useful. And as @brew_cat said you can boil longer to get a higher OG and/or IBU.


Thats awesome need to try this.

Still working my recipe… I know that I will be boiling, maybe ,on the second addition. I plan to use 4 oz. of crystal 60 malt to a gallon of water. Their will be a dilution ratio that I have to work through… again, this is something I can think that will work… I need to actually do this to verify my thinking… If it does, I can see doing a Duvel, then stomping it down a bit more along with some wheat for a Belgium wheat brew… Possibilities… Sneezles61

From what I’m reading, your approach appears to similar to mashing/steeping/boiling dark grains separately and then adding that portion of the wort either at the end of the boil or into the fermenter. I’ve done this once in the last year and the beer came out fine.

Mr Google offered some interesting links when I searched on: dark grains late in boil

Could you steep with less water (maybe a quart rather than a gallon)?

OK… some brain storming, I need you to verify this COULD be my answer… I take my total grist for the 9 gallon IPA… This would actually be into the fermenter… Now, since I am retaining 4 gallons in the kettle, I would use that amount of grist for my APA… BUT… I am going to use (I know I said a different amount previously) .5 lbs of crystal 90… I then took the amount from the 4 gallons of grist quantities PLUS the .5 crystal and now use 5 gallons as the end results… My ABV for the APA is at 1.053… Thats some crazy thinnin’ going on there bubba louie!! I couldn’t perceive how a ratio, or even fathom how to use the water only addition to the total… Let me know if I’m making sense… Again, this the only way I could twist this to work, and just doing the proof back to the beginning it works out… I will need to head on down to the brewery for some refreshments!!! Sneezles61

Is the OG for the IPA around 1.066?

Here is what I was reading: OG for the APA was 1.053 (in 5 gallons) or 265 gravity points. But you added a gallon of water. So 265 gravity points in 4 gallons of water results in an SG of 1.066.

I was a knuckle head and didn’t post a grain bill… This is a 9 gallon batch… 80% is what my efficiency is hovering around…
16 pale malt
2 wheat
2 sugar
I won’t go into hops as of this one… I will target ABV at 1.062+
5 gallons goes into the fermenter
4 left in the BK
That is where I add the steeped crystal in a gallon of water…
So as BC takes into thought, I’m not really trying to boil as much as keeping it hot and recirc…
I use 35 PPP on the pale malt
42 PPP on the sugar
35 on the wheat
Maybe I very kind and give C-90 35 also… Please check me out… Sneezles61

Oh yeah a couple of BIG IPA’s and then some older folks that have been living here since '75, originally from UK… They have such a great accent!! They claim American craft brews are the best! They even claim, you go into some real small local, off the beaten trail pub over there, and a Bud sign hangs behind the bar!! They where appalled! I was really enjoying their company… got them to stay for one more! Sneezles61

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To me, it looks like your math is good. I get 65 OG for the IPA and 55 OG for the APA based on your numbers.

I also did the C90 steep calculations at 30% (rather than 80%) and ended up with 53 OG for the APA.

It sure looks like a do-able scenario … I didn’t use an online calc… that would beat me up so much I would rather not even try… With that being said… Thank you for your looking into this in depth… I can see, you do have an interest in to what I/you can do… Wait a minute… I used 34 not 35 ppg as I stated for the pale malt…Then the C90, is utilized in a 5 gallon… That becomes the total its added to… thats how I came to my equation… not splitting hairs… I take a simpler approach… maybe… Sneezles61

Good catch - so the IPA gravity point calculation (estimate) is around 12 points high (in 9 gallons), and the estimated OG for the IPA would be around 63.5.


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Yeast is under way… The only thing I’m fearful of… fruit flies… the garden harvest is coming in the house, along with that those pesky little buggers… One a bright note… Tomorrow… BST!!! (bacon, spinach, tomatoes) Great snack after a brew day… Sneezles61

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